Why Writers Read This Blog

computer-and-coffeeWelcome to The Writer’s Refuge.

As the name implies, this blog is a refuge for writers. It’s not just another writer’s blog, it’s a place to “pause” from the pressures and deadlines of the writing life. A place to break away from your daily routine, and for just a few minutes, find insight, inspiration or simply a brief word of encouragement.

What else will you find here?

You’ll find helpful writing tips, fresh ideas, pithy quotes from the masters, advice for overcoming writing obstacles, but most of all, you’ll find inspirational thoughts to apply to your writing life.

You’ll also find an opportunity to express yourself. At the bottom of each post, please add your comments in the WRITER-to-WRITER section. Please share your experiences with other writers on the subjects I blog about.

My name is James C. Magruder.  I’m a blogger, advertising copywriter, executive speechwriter, magazine writer and a novelist. But all you really need to know is, like you, I feel the call to write and I have been answering that call all of my adult life.

So you don’t miss a post, subscribe to this free blog. Simply enter your email address in the box labeled “Send me posts by email” found on any blog page. You will receive my content every time I post something new.

Thanks for stopping by.

BLOG:  http://www.thewritersrefuge.wordpress.com

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