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I’m excited to tell you that I’ve just launched my new author website TODAY, March 9, 2020. I had it professionally designed so I can stay in touch with you regarding my book and essay projects.

This NEW website will essentially replace this blog, The Writer’s Refuge, since it will also feature a NEW blog that will share the following with you: information on my upcoming writing projects, my current and future novels, a series of essays published by Chicken Soup for the Soul and other national publications, and how to contact me directly.

My new web address is

I’d like to invite you to follow me TODAY over to my new website where you can more easily stay in touch with me, follow my writing career and my new blog, and most importantly, sign up for my Pause More. Rush Less. newsletter so I can communicate with you. This is also the theme of my website since I write on topics that help you slow down so you can enjoy the most meaningful moments in life–before they slip by.

Thank you for following The Writer’s Refuge, I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you at: