Writing Toward the Reward

As writers, we’re always writing for something. We write for self-expression, for the love of storytelling, for our livelihood, or to fulfill our passion. And we write toward something—a reward. Perhaps it’s wrapping up that article, children’s book, or novel. It drives us to sit in front of a computer for hours, days, months, or years. But we press on toward the reward—the reward of a published work. A work we can hold in our hands. A work that will entertain, educate, instruct, or inspire others.

For me, I worked several years writing a novel, editing it, letting it cool, hiring a professional editor to gain a fresh perspective, querying agents, facing rejection, and yet, when I was convinced it was ready for the world, publishing it.

My novel, The Glimpse is a story about how Nick Conway, a young advertising executive about to turn forty, struggles to overcome his anger and forgive his estranged alcoholic father until he sees something he has never seen before—four unexpected glimpses of God. How will this change him forever?

This project has been a long journey for me. Yet today, for the first time, I’m holding my novel in my hands. I’m feeling its heft, admiring the front cover, smelling the fresh ink on the pages, reading the back-cover copy, and staring at my photo (yes, my photo) on the back cover. And something else. I’m reflecting on the people who grace the Acknowledgements page for their pivotal role in accompanying me on this journey of a thousand steps.

Yet, as I hold this reward in my hands, I realize, instinctively, the book is not my reward.  The reward is the ministry value of the book. It’s how the words on the pages speak to the heart of the reader, touching her, inspiring him, or making them pause to ponder.

As writers, we may never know how deeply we reached our audience. We may never know which words resonated. Nevertheless, we sat down—day after day—and wrote them.

What more reward do we need?


The Glimpse is available now on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com or the publisher’s website, WestBow Press.com.

Amazon link:  https://amzn.to/2UVkM4V

WestBow Press link: http://bit.ly/2DlRuoA

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