Write About What Consumes You

Line up of booksWhy do you write?

Sure, we write because we’re writers. We write because we’re disciplined (or should be). We write because it pays the bills. We write because we love to express ourselves. And we write because we cannot NOT write.

Regardless of the reason we write, the writing process itself is often grueling, tedious, and forced. Is writing ever easy? No, but it can be easier. Writing gets easier when we write about what consumes us. What do you love? What are you passionate about? What sets your heart on fire? What do you yearn to tell the world?

When we write about what consumes us we write with energy that generates momentum and that momentum creates a rhythm to our writing. Suddenly, we find all the right words and write them in the right order. We’re in the zone. We actually like our work and our prose flows! Our passion for the subject paves a path to our computer every day and we sit down and write like we were born to write. If only we could be this passionate about every subject we write about.

I was inspired the other day when my dear friend, Dave, called me and said, “Jim, my father called me yesterday and he said something that made me think of you and I had to laugh.”

I asked him to continue.

“My father, at 87, said he wants to spend the rest of his life writing a book.”

“Really? What does he want to write about?”

“He wants to write about my brother-in-law and the life he lived. But think about it. Writing a book at 87? I thought that would inspire you.”

It did inspire me like so many things Dave has said over the years to encourage me in my writing career. And knowing his father, he will complete the book.

BurtonDave’s brother-in-law (Jim Burton) recently passed away and lived an enviable Christian life in service to others. As a young man, Burton was an All-American pitcher at the University of Michigan. In 1975, as a rookie left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, he surrendered the winning run to the Cincinnati Reds at Fenway Park in the World Series.

Yet, Burton never surrendered to the challenges of life. He would later have two kidney transplants and eventually lose both legs. Yet, he refused to let those setbacks slow him down. His faith in Christ would never allow him to give in to self-pity and he lived life to the fullest. His story is one of talent, humility, fortitude, faith and family. And this is why Burton’s father-in-law is inspired to invest the rest of his life writing about an exemplary life.

What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What consumes you?

Find it.

Then write about it.

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  1. Thanks Jim.

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