Winning the Fight to Write

Once Upon a TimeOnce upon a time I had some—time, that is. Finding time to write has been extremely difficult for me the last few years. (As a result, perhaps you’ve noticed that my blog is less regular than before.) Yes, I know most of the tricks of the trade and I’ve talked about many of them on this blog. (Type “Writing on the Run,” “When is the Best Time to Write” or “Cursing the Darkness” in the search bar at lower right.)

And yes, writing in snatches of time, getting up earlier, going to bed later, phasing television out of your life, and writing on the run are effective. Yet, sometimes your day job simply dominates your time, dictates your priorities, redirects your attention, and depletes your energy. Thankfully, at least I have a job that manages writers and our communications initiatives.

For the last few years, free time has been scarce. Sure, I’ve cranked out articles and got work published but my novel writing is held hostage because it’s so difficult to write complex extended works in increments of 15 to 30 minutes. The start/stop nature of this schedule works for articles but is less than effective for novels. I read recently that an author published four novels writing in 15-minute increments while raising a family. It can be done. Just not by me.

Weekends are a precious commodity. Yet, my job has sucked up several of them too. It happens in every career, but it’s frustrating when you have so many writing goals that are equally demanding.

The question for me is not how do I find time to write but how do I find consistent “extended time” to write? Obviously, I don’t have the answer and I must admit that I often lose this perpetual fight for time.

Yet, when this happens I don’t give up. Instead, I remind myself that although first and foremost a writer writes, I’m still a writer when my head is in the game and I’m actively fighting for time to write.

Keep fighting.


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  1. True words…keep up the fight and I hope you’ll find some time to write. I haven’t had as much as I’d like lately either, but at least I’ve finally got some help with caregiving for my husband.

    • Thanks for your comments. I hope you have more time to write. One thing I did write and submitted for publication is regarding care-giving. Chicken Soup for the Soul is considering my article for a special Alzheimer’s book. The article is entitled, “A Survival Guide for Alzheimer’s Caregivers.” I wish you well in your situation.

      • Thanks and I hope your article gets published. Caregivers can use all the insight we can get.

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