How to Stimulate Your Appetite to Write

Welcome to (or welcome back to) The Writer’s Refuge. If you’ve already read my page at right entitled, “Why Writers Read This Blog,” you know that this is not just another writer’s blog; it’s a place to “pause” from the pressures and deadlines of the writing life. A place to break away from your daily routine for just a few minutes and find insight, inspiration or simply a brief word of encouragement about the writing life.

Today, I want to talk for a few minutes about how to stimulate your appetite to write when you’re feeling burned out or simply uninspired. How can you refresh yourself and rekindle that hunger to write again when it’s the last thing you want to do?

There are several answers to this question but the one that is the most effective for me is also the most obvious. Get away from it all. Take a vacation. Stop writing and stop thinking about writing. Go somewhere that will thrill your other senses and subtly stimulate your appetite to write.

I just took my own advice. I went on vacation. (That’s why this blog is published a few days late. Sorry.)

I drove over to western Michigan from my Wisconsin home. (Saugatuck to be exact.) This little tourist town is nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan and boasts quaint shops and restaurants, sprawling white sand beaches, warm waters, and towering sand dunes that can arch 400 feet above the lake.

My wife and I took a dune buggy ride high above the lake. Our guide accelerated up the steep dunes and charged down them. Awesome. High on the summit only a few trees rose above the sand. Our guide pointed out that the trees were actually tree tops. Over time, the sand dunes encased the trees from the ground far below. The grass was painstakingly planted as individual shoots two feet apart and over time, rooted and multiplied to stabilize the sand from shifting in the wind. The view of the sand dunes, the grassy hills, the rolling valley below and the lake was spectacular.

As I absorbed this breathtaking view from the summit, my appetite to write was stimulated by the beauty of it all. I hadn’t written a word for a week. This diversion from my writing routine coupled with rest, relaxation, exhilaration and the natural beauty of the setting fueled new inspiration.

I know it isn’t always practical to take a vacation from your writing, yet, the message is clear. To stimulate your appetite to write, get away from your work for a while—physically and mentally. Tickle your other senses and patiently wait for them to stir your hunger to write again.


 The Writer’s Refuge blog is a place for writers, like you, to break away from your daily routine and for just a few minutes find insight, inspiration or simply a word of encouragement.

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  3. Saugutuck is one of my favorite places. I just got back from the beach today and I can’t wait get to my desk tomorrow to write.

  4. One word: Townsend.

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