Writing is Music for the Soul

I just sat down to write this blog. Usually, I have a clear premise in mind to write about. But today is different! I decided to just write to music. They say that music “moves you” so I want to see where it takes me—and you.

I just turned on Pandora Radio. I’m listening to one of my favorite piano stations. And something strange is happening. As I type this sentence, the piano music in the background is in sync with my fingers as I tap the keyboard. It’s as if I’m playing the piano. I’m in perfect harmony with the music. I’m the pianist.

As I play, I look for the audience. Naturally, no one is here. I continue to play. I’m mindful of the melody, the tempo, the peace I feel, the exhilaration, the coming crescendo, the masterpiece, and something else; how good the music sounds even when no one is listening. The music is still moving, still soothing, still full of self-expression, still worth composing and still a reflection of the artistry of the pianist.

As the song slowly fades away, I’m jarred back to reality. I hear only the quiet tap of my keyboard now. No more melody. I’m not a pianist, I’m a writer. Yet, this song spoke to me today. I learned its subtle lesson. Like pianists, writers not only play a keyboard, we make music. Music for the soul. Music that moves our readers with our ideas, our personal experiences, our poetry, our novels, our newspaper and our magazine articles. We write music that touches the heart and soul of a reader that is fighting through a dilemma we recently conquered. Like music, our writing is moving, soothing, full of self-expression, worth composing and a reflection of the artistry of the writer.

Today, the pianist reminded me that music is sweet because of its composition, not because of the size of the audience that hears it. It is as melodic in the rehearsal room as it is in the concert hall. The pianist can take pleasure in both the essence of the music and from composing it, not solely in the success he or she achieves from it. The same is true for writers. Take pleasure in both the essence of your work and for having composed it, not solely in the success or lack of success you achieve from it.

I didn’t know where this blog was going when I sat down to write today. Yet, like the pianist, I learned that sometimes the best work is composed by simply sitting down at the keyboard and seeing where the music takes you.

Here’s to your next great composition.

Play on.


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