5 Reasons to Update Your Blog Environment

Welcome back to The Writer’s Refuge! Last week I announced that when you returned this week my blog would feature a complete face lift. Well, here it is. I hope you like it. I have revised the entire blog environment to customize it for my audience, you, the writer.

While my original blog design featured a beautiful scenic seascape conductive to a writer’s refuge theme, this new design focuses less on the refuge and more on the writer and the writing environment.

For example, as you can see, the background color is warmer, more inviting, and easier on the eyes. A border color change gives the blog a quaint rustic outdoor feel. Headlines are bolder and more attention-getting. The font is a larger serif type so the text is much easier to read. The text is also printed on a simulated Classic Linen off-white paper stock so you feel like you’re reading—what else—a book. It’s just one more way to visually say, “This blog is for writers.”

Why is it important to update your blog? (I think I hear a blog post coming.) Let’s talk about it. Here are just five reasons to update your blog environment regardless of the type of blog you write.

1.  Everyone naturally gravitates to what’s NEW. As consumers, we all instinctively look for new products. It doesn’t matter if it is a car, movie, cell phone, tablet, a book or a blog. Everyone wants to know what’s new. And just like anything else, blog content is a product that is essentially “consumed” when it is read. Give your readers (consumers) something NEW to look forward to.

2.  Customize your blog environment to achieve a greater connection with your audience.

Do you have a medical blog? Then your blog design/environment should reflect that fact. Do you blog about sports, rock climbing or the outdoors? Then your blog should look the part. Make sure the reader sees your theme before he reads about it. Your blog design can also complement your writing and heighten your credibility with your audience. The “look and feel” of your blog is second only to your content, which leads to the next point.

3.  Unite the text and texture. Does your text fit the texture of your blog environment? Perhaps the best example of this is this blog. A blog intended for writers should have an easy to read font on an inviting background. I have used a serif font on a simulated paper stock background reminiscent of a hardcover novel in an effort to unite the text with the visual texture of the blog.

4.  Change indicates your blog is alive and evolving. It is always healthy to shake things up. Breathe new life into your blog by introducing a new environment with color, layout, texture, fonts, photos, and headlines. Changing things up reveals the mind behind the mission of the blog. Change signals that your blog is active, evolving, and alive. And, as we’ve said, everyone likes new things.

5.  Keep your blog environment fresh—to keep you and your writing fresh. When I was a fulltime freelance executive speechwriter and advertising copywriter I had a nice home office. Yet, some of my best writing was not in that office. It was outdoors overlooking a pond, or in a restaurant, or even at my kitchen table. Why? I found stimulation and inspiration by changing writing environments. The same is true for a blog. Changing your blog environment visually can stimulate you and inspire your writing.

If you’re a blogger, try it. Ignite your writing and reengage your audience by updating your blog environment.


The Writer’s Refuge blog is a place for writers, like you, to break away from your daily routine and for just a few minutes find insight, inspiration, writing tips, or simply a word of encouragement.

Blog entries are posted on Thursday.

You may contact me at:  jcmchips1@yahoo.com.

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  2. I like the look.

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