Living the Writer’s Dream

A writer’s dream. We all have one. You feel it every time you write, don’t you? It’s that special aspiration you have for yourself and your work. Your writer’s dream may be to start a novel, finish a novel, find an agent, have your novel published, build a platform, achieve fame, fortune or both, become a household name, or simply keep your day job but write to satisfy that insatiable itch to express yourself.

My writer’s dream is simply to write articles and novels for publication, write a blog (like this one) to encourage other writers like you, and to write every day in an idyllic setting surrounded by nature—my own Walden Pond.

How about you? What is your dream for your writing career? Is it still rolling around in your head? Have you shared it with someone who will push you to achieve it? Have you written it down? Have you translated it from foggy concept to clear action steps? If not, start by writing your dream down. Once it’s on paper, pin it to a bulletin board or a mirror where you’ll see it—often. Slowly, something magical will happen. The longer you look at it, the more believable it will become. And you know what they say; if it’s believable, it’s achievable (or something like that).

Once you know where you’re going, create a timetable to get there. Start with small steps. Craft a specific goal. For example, instead of stating you want to get an article published, target a magazine and write an article consistent with what that magazine publishes. I just did this. I targeted Writer’s Journal and wrote an article about how “writing from the heart” gives our writing power and connection. (That article, “The Heart of the Story Was to Write from the Heart,” was just published in the July/August, 2011 edition and is available in select bookstores now.)

The point is, put your dreams on paper—where they have the best chance of achievement.

Yet, my writer’s dream goes beyond being published, beyond seeing my byline. Don’t misunderstand me, publication brings me a great sense of accomplishment, but publication alone is not the essence of my writer’s dream.

My dream is to achieve a deep connection with readers by saying something significant, something thought-provoking, something inspiring, something soul-searching, and on a very good day, perhaps even something life changing. And to say it while writing in a serene scenic setting.

The irony of my writer’s dream is that my constant striving to achieve it often prevents me from enjoying it. Today is different. As I write beneath a shade tree arching over my patio table, I gaze at a nearby pond just beyond the cattails and a lush treeline. The sky is deep blue and balmy breezes carry the fragrance of summer. The birds sing in full chorus. And at this very moment, I pause from striving to live my writer’s dream—and realize I am living it.


Your Turn:  What is your dream as a writer?

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